Mind matter motion

Mind Matter Motion is a concept developed by the founder of osteopathy Dr. Andrew Taylor Still to explain life.

Mind – Is consciousness directing the life. It directs the process of health with such intelligence and perfection that it never makes a mistake.

Matter – Is the physical form, a vessel of connective tissue.

 Motion – Spirit. The motor to move life. The force that drives growth and development, maintenance of health, metabolism and life.


The specifications and forces that drive growth and development in the womb are responsible for the maintenance of health throughout life.

For healthy function, motion vitalises matter under the specifications of the universal mind. Health is the mutual functioning of all these systems

Trauma effects the electrical and mechanical aspects of health. Strain through the continuous connective tissue matrix affect flow of fluid and charge dynamics in a manner that is not consistent with optimum functioning.

Osteopathic treatment aims to reduce strain and realign the electrical and material aspects to create balance through the whole body. This allows that body the best opportunity to heal itself.