Immune Boosters


  1. Nature walks – We have long since known the restorative qualities and health benefits of nature e.g reduction in stress and anxiety disorders, reduced cardiovascular disease, reduced musculoskeletal complaints, and improved healing. The central pathway for these  improved health outcomes appear to be improved immune function. Try a hike once a month.
  2. Sleep –   Disorganisation of the sleep wake cycle causes disruption of the immune response during an invader. 7.5-9 hours of shut eye is ideal. Try these sleeping tips
  3. Stress and Exercise – Lower levels of the hormone cortisol, which becomes elevated during stress, is associated with higher immunity. Cortisol is reduced during exercise and in stress management techniques like meditation.
  4. Sugar – Your immune cells have a reduced ability to fight off infections and stay depressed for several hours after you eat or drink sugar
  5. Water – The level of hydration can effect your mucous membranes and the secretions of immune cells during infection. 2-3 litres, plus more for caffeinated drinks and fluid lost during exercise.
  6. Socialising – The immune system can get a boost from positive social interaction. Benefits appear to be related to psychological health and decreased stress levels. Organise a catch up.
  7. Supplements – Supplements including Vitamin C, Zinc, echinacea and olive leaf extract boost immune function.



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